FIPC2018 = Finval International Predator Challenge 2018





  • The organizers are Boatman Group Oy and Fishing Lords Oy. 

  • Finnish law and local regulations are to be followed during the whole event.

  • The organizers have absolute control and discretion over the competition, rules and terms and conditions.

  • The organizers have the right to change the rules and / or terms of conditions at any given moment.

  • All competitors are responsible of having all needed licenses and all legal requirements fulfilled.

  • All competitors sign to these rules by paying the entrance fee.

  • The official languages for the competition are Finnish and English.

  • All vehicles and vessels must comply with local regulations and safety regulations. Safety checks must be allowed and the organizers have the right to deny participation of vessels or competitors not safe enough.

  • Speed limits in the area must be followed during the competition. 

  • No alcohol, drugs or non-medical medicinal are allowed in the boats during the competition, nor is any level of alcohol, drug or non-medical medicine use allowed. The organizers have the right to require the competitors to pass a breath-analyzer spot test at any point of the competition. The breath-analyzer test must yield a 0.00 result to continue competition, any other will result in an immediate termination of the competition for the whole team.

  • The competition head marshals have absolute authority and their decision cannot be challenged.

  • All competitors agree to behave and compete in an orderly manner and in good sportsmanship. The organizers have absolute right to decide any issue.

  • All pictures, results and information are only to be published by the organizers during the competition weekend. Private social media and similar are allowed.




  • The competition is a boat fishing event – fishing from land or comparable is prohibited.

  • We have place for 120 registered boats, places will be filled in registration order.

  • Only active fishing is permitted, vertical jigging is considered active fishing. The competitors must fish by holding the rod and only one active rod per competitor is allowed. Trolling is prohibited.

  • Competition rules allow 1 to 3 competitors per boat.

  • Catch and release only.

  • Only artificial bait allowed.

  • Foul hooked fish not allowed in the competition.

  • Competitors are only allowed to fish on the areas provided by the organizers.

The predators allowed in the competition are:

  • Perch (minimum length 20 cm)

  • Pikeperch (min 45 cm)

  • Pike (min 50 cm)


The points are calculated with the following equations (only full centimeters allowed, e.g. 67.8 cm is 67 cm):

  • Perch length in cm x 2.5

  • Pikeperch length in cm x 1.5

  • Pike length in cm x 1


  • 1 perch, 1 pikeperch and 1 pike is counted per day towards the final result.

  • The organizers have the right to decide the exact length of each catch.

  • The catch must be reported immediately after photographing and releasing the catch. The reporting information will be available at a later point.

  • The catch must be well and clearly documented: 1 picture of the fish showing the left side on the measuring board and showing the whole fish with the competition tag. The measure of the fish must be clearly visible on the picture. The 2 picture must show the fish, the face of the competitor and the competition tag.

  • While measuring the fish the only contact allowed is to keep the fish in place. The measure must be of a fish with its rear fin resting naturally - no squezed fins allowed.

  • The catch must be reported immediately after photographing and releasing the catch. Only the longest predator per class count. The reporting method is email.

  • All pictures must be stored in the camera or phone. If reporting fails the captain must provide the catch at the end of the competition to the competition office, no later than 1 hour after the competition time end.

  • All cameras and phones must have the right date and time set with no more than +/- 10 minutes difference. Failure to comply will disqalify any fish reported.

  • The top five will have pictures verified from the camera / phone before final resluts are official.

  • In case a fish is damaged / dead the fish still must be released. Please do take care and be responsible when handling the fish. If the competitors fail to handle the fish responsibly the organizers have the right to disqualify the team.

  • The boat must have the team’s competition number visible at all times.

  • The competition is a one day competition with the overall length deciding the results.

  • All competitors must wear an approved life jacket or similar at all times during the competition.

  • The competitors are not allowed to fish closer than 100 meters to any other competitor and 50 meters to any non-competing fishing vessel. The competitors are strictly forbidden to cause disturbance to any residential or non-residential property. At least 200 meters distance is required but not restricted to.

  • Any emergency and / or similar event must be immediately reported to A) authorities and B) the competition office.

  • The start and end of the competition day will be revealed at a later point. Failure to be on-time will automatically terminate the team’s partition in the competition.

  • All teams must allow spot checks of any boat at any time during the competition.

  • The competiton judges has full rights to check the competition boats at any time and as many times as needed.

  • The competition is also a social event so the filming crew has right to film and interview the competitors at any time and as many times as needed. The filming crew is in the same boat as the judge. The filming crew will naturally respect the competitors fishing and approach carefully and at an appropriate time.

  • Boat live-wells must be empty and the use of these is not allowed.




  • The points for the longest predators are calculated as a total sum over the competition time. The team with the highest score wins.

  • In case of a tie the longest perch, longest pikeperch and longest pike is calculated in centimeters and the team with the longest result will win. In case of a tie after this then the team that caught the longest fish (in case of a tie with equal length, the team that report the fish first) will win. In case of a tie after this the winner will be decided by the next longest total fish etc.

  • The competitors are responsible of all taxes or governmental fees that may arise from receiving any of the prices in the competition.


We wish you a great day on the waters of Helsinki!


Kalle Lindholm and John Lönnberg

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